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Fanmix: When the Galaxies Crossed

Medium: Television
Fandom: Glee / Doctor Who
Subject: TimeLord!Quinn
Title: When the Galaxies Crossed
Notes: I'm convinced Quinn Fabray is a Time Lord - totally convinced!

Download Zip (Tracks & Covers)

Fall From the Stars - God is an Astronaut

Drumming Song -Florence + The Machine

Spiralling - Keane

The Different - Melissa Etheridge

Brand New Day - Ryan Star

Written In The Stars - Tinie Tempah (Feat. Eric Turner)

What About Everything - Carbon Leaf

Stars - Kylie Minogue

Galaxies - Owl City

Here's To The Night - Eve 6

If anybody want the individual tracks, just say and I'll upload them.
Tags: doctor who, fanmix, glee, quinn fabray
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